It is critical for Dentists to consider the corporate structures as the practices gain value and these businesses qualify for the lifetime.

Buying and Selling Practice: We assist Dentists in purchasing and selling their practices. Also, both from within our own client base and our networks. 

Full Accounting Services for Dentist: Monthly electronic bookkeeping (pro-active management of expenses and business decisions. Also, to find solutions to reduce taxable income between a corporation and personal.

Filing Corporate returns: Annual filing of Corporate returns and keeping corporation compliant with CRA. Also, We handle all CRA dealings for both personal and corporate with online access.

As accountants specialized in servicing dentists and lawyers in Toronto, we offer a wide range of advisory services. Therefore, If you are thinking about buying or selling a practice, we can walk you through this process. 

we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service with respect to all their tax needs.

Achieve Your Business Goals

We offer a wide range of dental accounting services that bring significant value to our clients. Also, help them achieve their business and personal goals. These include the following:

We are recognized for helping our high net worth clients and businesses minimize their tax liabilities. We provide ideas and advice that help individuals and businesses plan for the lowest possible tax bill.

Extensive hands-on experience with our client base enables us to provide our clients with industry-specific information such as comparisons of key ratios, and industry-specific strategies such as income tax minimization through the utilization of professional and/or technical/hygiene service companies.

We have experienced staff to represent our clients before the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other taxing authorities.

Our clients are encouraged to contact us whenever correspondence is sent to them that requires action.

We have been helping dentists establish their practices for many years.

We will guide your growth from inception through expansion into partnerships and associations.

We work in conjunction with our clients’ advisors to provide extensive estate and retirement planning.

We incorporate various trust vehicles, charitable and individual gifting plans, and other structures to satisfy the wishes of our clients.